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Pie house's History


Our story goes back more than 60 years, to the very humble beginnings of our founder, Athanasios Koukoutaris. A bold and enterprising man, Athanasios started his own business against the backdrop of a post-war environment, where poverty and the lack of even the very basics dominated daily life. From selling his hand crafted pies in the early 60’ s, Athanasios combined all of his skills together with century-old culinary secrets and traditions to bring to the world a range of pies with great taste and, just like him, unique character. His passion for tradition and quality, built from scratch, was to become a remarkable business. Athanasios founded alfa pastry and over the years, established his company as the leading position in the Greek food market, exporting alfa pies from Greece to more than 30 countries worldwide! Today, as a successful businessman, he will make his dream come true: his own cafe, in the capital of the United States, offering the best pies – based on Greek tradition and made with pure Greek ingredients.

Treat yourself to the best piece of Greece.

We Serve With Passion

With over 60 years of kneading, we are the dough experts. Let us introduce you to the tastes of authentic Greek pies!

Healthy Foods

Quality is our priority, that’s why we only use the best ingredients: Kalamata extra virgin olive oil, all natural fyllo dough, authentic imported Greek feta cheese, authentic Greek yogurt, fresh wild greens and herbs, authentic Greek Thyme Honey from Crete.

Ask us for today’s special

Selection of mini crunchy pies of the day. We offer a variety of freshly baked mini pies with premium ingredients from all over Greece.


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