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• beef steaks
• sirloin beef steak sliced
• black pig sausages
• sausages from Mani
• pork skewers
• Salt /Pepper

Pepper steak sauce for grilled meat
• 3 tsp mixed peppers granulated
• 3 tbsp butter
• 1/2 chopped onion
• 1/3 cup. cognac
• 1/2 cup. broth
• 4 tbsp heavy cream
• salt

Grilled vegetables
• eggplant
• colored peppers
• fennel
• asparagus
• oyster mushrooms or Champignons
• Olive oil
• salt
• pepper

Mustard sauce with honey for grilled vegetables
• 6 tbsp mustard with thyme
• 2 tsp light mayonnaise
• 2 tsp honey
• 1/2 lemon juice and zest

We can bake ideally in grill with charcoal, in bbq with gas,  Grill on the stove or in the toaster  by opening it in two.
Cook the meat according to our taste and depending on the thickness of of the different types of the meat. Place the meat after baking in a hot plate for 6-8 minutes covered to rest.
Serve with baked potatoes, roasted vegetables and pepper stake sauce.

Pepper steak sauce
Break the different peppers in a mortar or with a thick rolling pin.
Melt butter in pan. Saute onion over medium-high heat for 3 minutes, add the peppers, add the brandy and let it evaporate completely. Add the beef broth and boil for 3 minutes. Finally add the cream and reduce heat. Let it cook slowly so to come to the desired density. Season with salt at the end.

Grilled vegetables
Wash, dry and cut the vegetables into slices. Brush them lightly with some olive oil. Bake on a rack or Grill for a few minutes to soften slightly. Put them in a large tray. Pour the mustard sauce.

For the mustard sauce mix all ingredients in a bowl to unite.

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