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Feta cheese is a trademark of Greek cuisine around the world. Besides the Greek salad, it is found in many Greek dishes and pies, as in cheese pie and spinach pie. It is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins and has a high nutritional value.

Feta cheese was produced in Greece since the days of Homer. It is believed that it comes from the white, soft cheese made in the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus, in the 8th BC century, as described by Homer in the Odyssey. Today it is a product with protected designation of origin and made exclusively from goat’s milk.


  1. George

    most restaurants in the Tampa area put potato salad in their Greek salad, we have a big Greek community in Tarpon Springs. As for Publix, the small Greek salad does not have pottao salad but the large one does at least in my local stores.


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