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Live the outstanding experience of Greek hospitality through alfapiehouse unique Greek flavors. Pick us as your caterer and cover all occasions. Make your unique menu by choosing of our selection: breakfast, healthy salads, traditional Greek pies, sandwiches, coffees and drinks. You will taste the finest & purest ingredients selected from all over Greece. Call us and let us serve you the best pieces of Greece!!!!

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Greece is among the richest countries in the world for aromatic plants and herbs, many of which cannot be found anywhere else. They stand out for their aroma, flavor and excellent quality, and numerous medicinal properties. Hippocrates identified the value of Greek herbs forming the basis of modern pharmacology, and the fight on disease. The creation of botanical science is largely due to Theophrastus, a student of Aristotle, who wrote the works “On Plant”.

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Greek food culture combines culinary satisfaction with communication. Greeks tend to eat and drink together, around the table, keeping elements of the ancient banquets and celebrations.Even if it is somethingvery simple like a casual lunch – from the time of preparation till consumption- it is a ritual that brings families and friends together, strengthening their relationship.

For Greeks food is not considered only a need, but also the excuse for friends to hung out together while enjoying some appetizers, for example many

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Feta cheese is a trademark of Greek cuisine around the world. Besides the Greek salad, it is found in many Greek dishes and pies, as in cheese pie and spinach pie. It is rich in protein, calcium and vitamins and has a high nutritional value.

Feta cheese was produced in Greece since the days of Homer. It is believed that it comes from the white, soft cheese made in the cave of the Cyclops Polyphemus, in the 8th BC century, as described by Homer in the Odyssey. Today it is a product with protected designation of origin and made exclusively from goat’s milk.

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The balanced Greek diet is proven to be beneficial to the body, giving health, beauty and longevity. Delicious, enjoyable and with high nutritional value, Greek cuisine has a history of 4,000 years and is distinguished by its simplicity, the use of olive oil, purity of products, and its unique spices and herbs.

Many nutritionists across the globe consider Greek diet as the best food model and follow the basic rules as below:

– Abundant fiber (fruits , vegetables , bread , cereals , potatoes , legumes )

– Limited processed products

– Dairy products (mostly cheese and yogurt ) every day , but in low to moderate amounts

– Fish and poultry in low to moderate amounts

– Red meat in small quantities

– Olive oil as the main source of fat containing monounsaturated fatty acids.

-Moderate consumption of wine with meals

 It is no coincidence that the Greek diet model protects organisms from heart disease, arteriosclerosis and cancer

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Traditional Greek yogurt has high nutritional value and helps in proper functioning of the digestive system. The live and active bacteria it contains strengthen the immune system and helps prevent infections. Yogurt contains protein, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium. It is a rich source of calcium and contributes to good bone health.

In ancient times, the Greeks were already aware of the beneficial properties of yogurt. The called it “oxygala” and was often part of their diet.

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Greek olive oil is widely known all over the world for its rich nutrient value, purity and distinctiveness. It is considered a key ingredient for every single Greek traditional recipe and its widely used. It has beneficial effects for the body, protects against cardiovascular diseases and contributes to longevity and wellness. Since ancient times, Hippocrates states in his writings more than 60 medicinal uses for olive oil. For the ancient Greeks, the olive tree was sacred and the olive wreath has always been a symbol of respect, fertility and peace.

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Grape molasses is the viscous by product produced by boiling wort grapes. This is a sweet super food, used in Greek cooking and pastry. Grape molasses gathers therapeutic ingredients from the grape, contains high levels of iron and calcium, while providing energy as well. Thanks to its antibiotic and healing properties, a teaspoon of grape molasses is a great remedy for a sore throat.

In antiquity it had widespread use, as mentioned by the orator and gastronome, Athenaeus.

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Greek honey is a gift of nature and should not be missing from our diet. It stands out for its aroma, purity and high quality. Its taste varies, depending on the production origin, such as flower honey that is produced from the nectar of citrus and other fruit trees, thyme honey from thyme and pine honey from conifer trees.

The ancient Greeks used it as a remedy for many ailments, thanks to its high content of antioxidants. It helps to treat inflammation, cough and diseases of the upper respiratory and is the most valuable sweetener in Greek cuisine.

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