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Traditional pastry treats for anytime of the day.

Pies are traditional Greek pastries with a history dating back thousands of years as Plato himself mentioned them in his writings. Ancient Greeks served pies for every meal and honey pies with wine for celebratory occasions. They also used to make pies stuffed with a variety of ingredients like cheese and garlic while others were made with flour, barley, rye and oats.

Today, all over Greece, pies are still prepared in different varieties depending of the natural ingredients available in any given region. Savory or sweet, rich or light in ingredients, with phyllo or dough, pies are an integral part of Greek cuisine. Served daily for casual and formal oaccasions, to every moment of the day, pies combine the wisdom of Greek heritage and a nod to today’s haute cuisine.

Most Greek pies require no more than two or three ingredients to be just delicious. Pure and fresh raw ingredients that usually can be found in a country house: greens, herbs, cheese, eggs. However, fyllo can easily differentiate each pie. Some pies require two thick fyllos above and below the filling; others need many thin fyllos to succeed. In some pies, housewives add lemon or vinegar to the dough while others add yogurt or herbs. A prerequisite for a successful pie is of course for the housewife to know how to prepare the fyllo. Each fyllo can be prepared in many ways like for example with a rolling pin, a thin rod, with the fingers even with bed sheets! In any case, pies are considered an integral part of Greek food, so it is always present in any kind of a meal.

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