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Grape molasses is the viscous by product produced by boiling wort grapes. This is a sweet super food, used in Greek cooking and pastry. Grape molasses gathers therapeutic ingredients from the grape, contains high levels of iron and calcium, while providing energy as well. Thanks to its antibiotic and healing properties, a teaspoon of grape molasses is a great remedy for a sore throat.

In antiquity it had widespread use, as mentioned by the orator and gastronome, Athenaeus.


  1. Logan

    I am washed and ready to use! Have you tried baked buutnrett squash?? I am sure you have. I am totally OBSESSED. Baking some right now because I just got to my parents house and well, I know I am going to want to have it for breakfast tomorrow, GOTTA for my hungry tomorrow morning! When are you coming to LA?


    • [email protected]

      Since we recently opened alfa Pie house in Washington, DC, I am frequently in the US and would love to come to Los Angeles again to cook. Last time i was there i cooked at Disneyland. There is wonderful fresh produce in California and so many wonderful farmer’s markets.


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