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Greek food culture combines culinary satisfaction with communication. Greeks tend to eat and drink together, around the table, keeping elements of the ancient banquets and celebrations.Even if it is somethingvery simple like a casual lunch – from the time of preparation till consumption- it is a ritual that brings families and friends together, strengthening their relationship.

For Greeks food is not considered only a need, but also the excuse for friends to hung out together while enjoying some appetizers, for example many different appetizers in small portions, which always come in the middle of the table for everyone to enjoy a bite! Always, are served with plenty of wine, tsipouro, raki or ouzo.

But it is not just the company that determines the food but the circumstances as well. In joys and sorrows, at parties, at weddings, but even in mourning, food plays an important role. Every place in Greece follows its own traditional recipes, depending on the circumstances, which are considered legacy from generation to generation. Specific meals also fill the festive Christmas table, New Year and Easter. But in periods of fasting, Orthodox Christians follow a special diet, avoiding meat, cheese, eggs or oil.

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