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• 400 gr dark chocolate
• 160 gr soft butter
• 7 eggs
• 250 gr soft flour sifted
• 160 gr sugar
• 2 vanilla
• 1 packet of stuffed cookies
• some butter and a bit of cocoa for the mold

Divide the cookies, cream from biscuits. Butter and sprinkle cocoa an oblong form. Place the cookies in the base and the sides of the form. Cut into pieces the chocolate and put it in a bain marie with butter. When melted add the sugar and stir. Pour one by one the eggs  and mix well. Add the vanilla and then add the sifted flour. Gently stir. Add the cream from the cookies and empty them into the prepared form.
Preheat oven to 250 ° C, in resistors. Oven should heat very well.
Once the light goes out,  t means  that temperature is at 250 ° C, then put the form in the lower rack. Switch of the oven and leave in for 15 minutes without blinking.
Remove the cake on the counter, let it cool and shake slightly. Invert in a platter. Its heart as far as it is still hot is fluid. Serve with ice cream or cream.

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